lesbian but straight for macklemore

25th February 2014

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White people have five natural reactions to being called out on racist shit

1. “thanks for the followers and attention HUNTY”
2. “I’m so sick of this toxic reverse racist web site”
3. “*says more offensive things”
4. “I’m so sorry” *goes on twitter and talks about how stupid this is and continues to say more offensive things*
5. “why is everyone being so mean to me :(((((“

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9th June 2013

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everyone says I’m a bottom but I refuse to believe it I refuse

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4th March 2013

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hey speaking of (not really) i listened to heartthrob and i almost started crying

good tears or bad tears?

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13th November 2012


this really isn’t fair though



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22nd April 2012

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20th March 2012

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underwear oh my god that would just be…




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12th March 2012

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29th February 2012

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oh my god what if I don’t exist

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28th February 2012

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20th January 2012

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what if 2011 comedian nathan wallace is the father of 2056 nathan wallace

he does seem to have the ’ enormous pussy ’ gene in him

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